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Sample Product for Magento

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Magento Version: Magento 1.7 - 1.9

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Boost your sales by adding "Order sample" button on the product pages.
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Sample Product extension for Magento is a useful tool for boosting your sales. One of the main disadvantages of online stores is the inability to try products before purchase. Our extension allows customers to test-drive products like in any brick and mortar store. The solution is vital for stores that sell: 

  • cosmetics;
  • fabrics;
  • wallpapers;
  • perfumes, etc.

Sample Product extension adds a new 'Order Sample' button to the product pages. When customers press it, the module adds the product's sample to their shopping carts. Then, things go as usual. 

Sample product extension for Magento

Merchants may offer samples for free, or set any price for them.

Sample product extension for Magento: orders grid

Sample Product Extension Features

  • set any price for the samples;
  • sample order option for certain products, product's types, stores;
  • one sample product for all attributes set;
  • sample products for certain attribute set;
  • free or paid sample's shipping.


Go to Catalog > Manage Products > Add new product. Select the needed attribute set, set the simple product type, create a Sample Product. Complete all the required fields: name, SKU, status (enabled), visibility, etc.

When customers press the "order sample" button on certain product pages, the product data will be displayed on the order's page. You can use one Sample Product for all attributes set or make different items for each attribute.

Sample product extension for Magento: order page

After installation go to System > Configuration > Magen Magic extensions > Sample Product.

Enable the extension in the first block. Set SKU of Sample Product for the needed attribute set.

Sample product extension settings

Set the needed stores and product types in the second block.

Sample product extension settings step 2

If you want to enable/disable the "order sample" button on a certain product page, go to Catalog > Manage products. Then, find the needed product and choose Yes or No in the field Sample available.

Help and Support

Contact us to get a demo.

Feel free to contact us for help to [email protected]

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