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The extension helps to save SERP positions while moving a Magento store to HTTPS.
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Every online store keeps enormous amounts of customer data, starting from phone numbers to payment and shipping information. The first step to providing better data security is moving an online store to HTTPS. However, the transition to HTTPS has some negative short-termed SEO issues.

When you use 301 redirects after moving to HTTPS you can face the next problems: 

  • when Google crawlers see 301 redirects, they remove this URL from the index;
  • Google crawlers index new URLs.

The new URLs may have a lower SERP rank rather than the old one. Speed Https Optimizer extension for Magento solves this issue. You'll protect not only your customers' data but the previous SERP rankings.

Speed Https Optimizer places 301 redirects from HTTPS pages to HTTP but only those which don't contain customer data. It means that you can use HTTPS where it's necessary and save your Google positions.


After the installation, go to System > Configuration > Magen Magic extensions > HTTPS Routines and just enable the extension. That's all! 

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