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Magento Version: Magento 1.x.x

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Live URL Redirect for Magento denies access to your development environment for users who enter it by accident.  

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Live URL Redirect extension for Magento doesn’t let customers land on dev pages. Sometimes, ordinary users accidentally visit pages that are still in development. It causes customer losses and missed orders as users try to buy products that are not real. Moreover, Google indexes dev pages, showing them in search results, which is also not great for sales.

Why Do You Need Live URL Extension? 

It's not good when clients can open the development environment of the store as they can search for products there, place orders, write to managers via the online form, etc. All these things can lead to:

  • loss of clients as the products there aren't real;
  • missed orders as they are placed on dev but not on the live version of the online store;
  • indexing of the dev version of the store. 


After the installation go to System > Configuration > Live Url Redirect (or Host Restrictions).

There you will see 3 fields:

  • Source http host. Set URLs that shouldn't be open.
  • Target http host. Set redirects.
  • URL param to Login. Set URLs you want to be opened without redirects.


Live Url Redirect extension settings

Live Url Redirect Extension Features

  • redirect from any website (dev site, HTTPS, etc);
  • redirect to the same page;
  • choice of URL's parameter;
  • accessible admin area.

Help and Support

Contact us to get a demo.

Feel free to contact us for help to [email protected]

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