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Default Simple

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Magento Version: Magento 2.2 and higher

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  • Set the cheapest simples of configurable products as default on the front-end; 
  • Automated updates of default simples via cron; 
  • Manual updates out of schedule.
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Default Simple extension allows setting the lowest price for configurable product’s options and showing its preselected variations on the front-end. With the help of our solution, you can show customers the cheapest option of any configurable product first. This feature enhances user experience, helping customers to make purchase decisions faster as customers consider price as one of the primary factors to make a purchase.     


The extension uses cron for an automated check of simples and setting simples with the lowest price as default ones. 



The extension shows on the front-end the cheapest option of the configurable product first.

default simple on the front end

  1. Go to Products> Choose a needed Simple Product > Set Price > Save
  2. Go to Stores>Configuration>Magenmagic>DefaultSimple

    • Enable Cron
    • Set Cron Schedule
    • Select Yes in the Fix Default to Simple with Cheapest Price field 
    • Attribute Sets to Fix 
    • Disable Log SQL requests
    • Press the Run Now button
    • Save Config
      default simple configuration
  3. Check the products display on the front-end

The cheapest option showing when the configurable product page loads.

default simple on the front end


As well as on the Category page

default simple on category page



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