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Cancel Pending Orders

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Magento Version: Magento 2.3 and higher

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  • Choose order statuses should be canceled;
  • Set any time for cron to check orders;
  • Set order lifetime; 
  • Get notifications with links to canceled orders.
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Cancel Orders extension helps automatically cancel pending orders and restock items after a certain period of time. Every time the extension cancels an order, a store admin gets an email with the links to canceled orders. The extension uses cron to check and cancel pending orders. A store manager needs to enable cron checks in the extension settings, set their frequency, order lifetime (time after which a pending order will be canceled), and email where to send the notifications. 


It happens that customers make mistakes placing their orders or change their minds. Unpaid orders make inventory data irrelevant which causes stock discrepancies, revenue, and customer loyalty losses. The extension is designed to save store admins time by avoiding manual order canceling and inventory discrepancy. Moreover, the cancel order emails help store managers to contact customers to find out the cancellation reason or help place orders correctly.


  1. Navigate to Stores > Configuration > MagenMagic > Order Cancel. 
  2. Enable Module. 
  3. Specify the sender of the cancel order notification and emails where to send its copies if it’s necessary.
    Cancel pending orders extension
  4. Enable cron checks for pending orders. 
  5. Specify email to receive results of cron checks if it’s necessary. 
  6. Select order statuses for cron checks.
    cancel order statuses
  7. Set the frequency of cron checks. Must be completed in form m h D M W, for example, 0 5 * * *. Abbreviations: m - minute, h - hour D - day, M - month, W - day of the week. Each abbreviation can contain a number, series of numbers separated by a comma, or asterisk (*) for any value.
  8. Set the limit of days for checking. Leave empty if you want to check all orders.

Set the order lifetime (how much time a new order will be pending before it will be canceled).

set order lifetimeWhen an order is canceled, a store admin receives an email with links to canceled orders.order cancel configuration

The links lead to the detailed information in the admin area:

order cancel information

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