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Mobile Attribute Changer App

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Magento Version: Magento 1.x.x

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Make changes and edit attributes in your Magento admin area via smartphone.
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Mobile Attribute Changer App for Magento is a solution for quick editing of the product's attributes or any other parameters at the Magento admin area with help of a smartphone or tablet.

Sometimes, merchants need to make changes in the admin area straight from a warehouse. However, the conditions in stock aren't so convenient for it. They have to bring a laptop, open the admin area, find a necessary product, and make the needed changes. Moreover, standard access to the Magento admin area via smartphones isn't user-friendly. That's why all vital changes to product attributes are often delayed. Usually, it leads to a discrepancy between products in stock and at an online store, which causes numerous issues. 

Our solution allows merchants to edit all the necessary products with a help of a special URL request and smartphone. 


How Does Mobile Attribute Changer App Work

For example, you need to change a product, which URL is (attribute year=2013 and attribute model=1659). If you need to change the value of the year attribute via your smartphone, all you need to do is to enter a special URL for quick editing (e.g.

You can use this feature for any purpose on your website. 

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Help and Support

Contact us to get a demo.

Feel free to contact us for help to [email protected]

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