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Inventory Batches Control extension for Magento checks the number of products available for purchase in a batch of goods.
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Inventory Batches Control for Magento will help you to control your product batches. It checks the number of products left in a batch at the Magento store and notifies a user if there aren't enough items on the checkout page. After each purchase, the extension automatically changes the quantity of the left products.

Inventory Batches Control Features

  • adds the inventory batches section to the admin area;
  • checks the availability of goods from a batch;
  • notification messages for customers;
  • automatically changes the number of items after a purchase;
  • choice of a group of products for batches to check (based on attributes set).

Stores That Match Inventory Batches Control Extension 

Inventory Batches Control extension is created for wholesale stores that sell goods with strict requirements to their color, form, texture and etc. 

Best products for this extension:

  • wallpapers;
  • fabrics;
  • tile, plastic panels, laminate, etc.

Sometimes goods from different batches have a little difference in their shade or size. It's not crucial during manufacturing, but can be frustrating in use (e.g. wallpapers from different batches in one room).


Upload the extension package via Magento Connect.

Open System > Configuration > MagenMagic extensions > Product Inventory (Batches). Enable the module and choose the needed attributes set, save the config. Open Catalog > Manage Products. There will be a new section on a product page Batch Inventory (screenshot below) with the quantity data.

Import the data and test the extension (try to add more products that you have for any batch).

Inventory Batches Control for Magento


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