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Gift Registry for Commerce Edition

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Magento Version: Magento 1.x.x

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Gift Registry Extension for Magento extends your opportunities to work with gift registries.
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Gift Registry Extension for Magento will help you to manage customers' gift registries. Magento Commerce edition has limited default opportunities to work with gift registries. That's why we've developed an extension that extends its functionality.  

Gift Registry Extension Features

  • search gift registries by name, e-mail or products;
  • add desired quantity on a product page;
  • product preview on a gift registry page;
  • a note field on a gift registry page;
  • "Add to Gift Registry" button on a product page;
  • add/remove products to/from the created registry;
  • admin notifications;
  • add items to a gift registry from admin area;
  • automatic shipping address for a gift registry order.

Paid Features

  • add a product to a gift registry by UPC via a mobile app.

If you have a brick-and-mortar store you can offer your customers the possibility to add products to their gift registry via a mobile app. A customer scans a barcode of the desired product and adds it to the list.

  • Android app +699$
  • iOS app +599$

Not Sure that You Need Gift Registry Extension for Magento?

Gift Registry is a powerful tool that brings profit both for customers and online retailers. Gift lists are popular with customers planning to purchase something for a wedding, anniversary, birthday, etc. However, they can buy the same item from the list, which isn't a cool thing at all. Gift Registry helps to avoid these situations. If a customer has already bought a product for the gift registry, our extension automatically removes it from the list. This feature becomes more popular among customers each year. Don't miss a chance to get a competitive advantage.

Help and Support

Contact us to get a demo.

Feel free to contact us for help to [email protected]

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