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Magento Version: Magento 1.x.x

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Boost customers' motivation by setting discounted prices for cross-selling products.
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Usually, users go online shopping to buy a specific thing. If they purchase a pair of shoes, they are not likely will buy one extra item in addition to shoes. If you offer them an additional product of the same color with a discount that complements a purchase, you increase your chances of selling more. Our Cross-Sell Promo extension for Magento allows online stores to sell more items at a time. When a customer visits a product or catalog page, the extension offers them to purchase a set of goods rather than a single one.

The extension is easy to use as the only thing you need is to set the main product and additional product(s) in your admin area. Besides, you can set a discount for both types of products. The notification for users about the promo for product sets appears on product or catalog pages, depending on settings.

Cross-Sell Promo Extension Features

  • assign product to product;
  • assign any category to any product;
  • any % discount for the main product (category);
  • any % discount for the additional product.


When you install the extension, go to Catalog > MagenMagic actions and press Add new action, you'll see the next options:

  • Action Title. Set the name of your offer ( it will be displayed in the Actions grid).
  • Is Active. Enable/disable the work of the promo.
  • Type of action. Select product to product or category to the product action type.
  • Default Product/ Category ID. Set the ID of the main product (you can find it in the Products Page grid).
  • Default discount (%). Set a discount for the main product.
  • Additional ID product. Set the ID of the additional item.
  • Additional Product Discount %. Set a discount for the additional product.

Cross-sell Promo extension for Magento


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