Contact us Manual

This is a manual for Contact Us Extension


1. To attach live chat link, please, go to:

Admin area > CMS > Static Blocks > Contacts Form Additional Info (right column) and click to a "show/hide editor" button. And there, please, check the line:
<p style="text-transform: uppercase;"><a style="text-decoration: none;" href=""> <img src="{{skin url='images/mmcontacts/talk-blue.png'}}" alt="" />  Live chat </a></p>


Change your link here - href="

2. Privacy policy link is is set to a magento default privacy policy page.
To change link to Privacy Policy, please, go to:

app > design > frontend > base > default > template > magenmagic > contacts > popup.html and check line 113.


3. If you would like, you can create custom email templates to receive all customers information from contact us form. For that you have to go to System > transactional emails and create a new email template. Please, add there below variables:


Name: {{var}}
First Name: {{var data.firstname}}
Last Name: {{var data.lastname}}
E-mail: {{var}}
Telephone: {{var data.telephone}}
Comment: {{var data.comment}}


After that visit System > Configuration > [General] Contacts - and choose at Email Template field a template, that you have just created.


And the rest 2 issues developer have to check. I think he will be able to check it without credentials, as issue with emails - he just have to let you know what variable to insert to a template. As for distortion form - I think that will be seen at developers tools of any browser. (but if not, that we will need access to the code)